Oct 20 2010

Driving Instruction – what do you really need?

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As you know, in the state of Connecticut we require both teens and adults to take an 8 Hour Drug and Alcohol Safe Driving Practices course. There is a great deal of important information taught in this class. As far as teens are concerned the Teen 8 Hour Drug and Alcohol Safe Driving Practices class not only teaches the teenagers important information, but a parent is required to attend 2 of the 8 hours and in those 2 hours the parent is taught valuable information to assist them in their driver instruction for their child.

The concept of asking a parent to attend a formal instructional session is something that is catching on around the country. Few could argue that a parent is not the primary role model for their teenager and if they are taught important safety issues they will undoubtedly be able to stress and enforce them on their children.

An interesting twist on this subject is the idea of mandating on-road driving instruction for teens. Our neighbors in New Jersey have introduced a bill into legislation to increase the number of mandatory driving hours for teens. This is something we have in Connecticut and they are also exploring something similar to our parent/teen class. An interesting side-bar in the story is the fact that in New Jersey every teenager is required to take at least 6 hours of in-car driving instruction from a certified teacher. Connecticut does not require anything like this. Do you think professional instruction is something Connecticut should consider?

How much safer would our teen drivers be if every one of them had the opportunity to receive formal driving instruction from a professional? When a new driver, whether they are an adult or a teenager first begin driving on our roads on their own how much of an additional danger are they to themselves and everyone else on the road because they do not possess some of the knowledge and skills they would undoubtedly possess if they had professional driver training? It’s impossible to argue that the training would not make our roads safer, and it is clear by the many states that require it that the concept has merit. Do you thing Connecticut will ever follow suite?

Oct 05 2010

Distracted drivers are dangerous

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Few people would argue with the above statement, distracted drivers are dangerous, yet distracted drivers represent the fastest growing problem we face on the roads today. The problem is growing and the attention it is receiving nationally and locally is also on the rise. In fact, on Sept 21st in Washington D.C. the second national summit on distracted drivers was held. At the summit attendees heard from family members who tragically lost loved ones as a result of distracted drivers. They also discussed methods to alleviate this growing national concern.

Surprisingly, another focus of the summit is to raise the awareness of the dangers of distracted drivers. At the summit U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said, “Every time someone takes their focus off the road — even if it’s just for a moment — they put their lives, and the lives of others, in danger.” Many local communities are encouraged to begin to assist in raising the awareness of the dangers of distracted drivers’ here’s an article about how Gates, NY is tackling this problem. But you must wonder if enough is being done.

Here in Connecticut we require every new driver to take an 8 Hour Drug and Alcohol Safe Driving Practices Course. This course certainly address the dangers of distracted drivers and I would hope that the Connecticut driving schools who offer this program stress these dangers to both their adult students as well as their teen students. But the question that begs to be asked is it enough? Today a parent who has a teen driver needs to only watch how frantically their child grabs their phone at the dinner table every time they receive a text to understand the dangers. I hope every parent of a teen driver stresses these dangers over and over again. Do not leave it up to the driving school, it needs to be stressed at every level.

Oct 01 2010

CT 8 Hour Course – Who needs to take it?

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So who needs to take the CT 8 Hour Course?
Anyone over 18 who has:

* Never held a license (in CT or another state)

* Not held a license for 2 or more years (in CT or another state)

* A foreign license (except for valid license holders from Germany, Canada & France)

So who DOES NOT need to take the CT 8 Hour Course?
Anyone over 18 who:

* Has a valid license another state, American Somoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Germany, Canada or France.

* Is a full-time student living in CT but holding a residence and license in another state.

• Is a military personnel stationed in CT

How do you take the Course?

You need to visit a state approved driving school. Not every driving school offers this course and you might find that some schools co-mingle adults and teens in the same course. This is something that we do not recommend.

On our Recommended Schools page – link is on the right, you will find the name of a driving school in your area that offers the CT 8 Hour Course. Without a CS-1 certificate issued at the completion of this course you will not be able to start your license testing.

This course is in accordance with Title 14 of the Connecticut Driving Regulations and to the best of our knowledge every driving school we recommend on this web site satisfies all the requirements of the these regulations.

Be sure to check with the driving school to ensure you will receive a CS-1 at the successful conclusion of the course. Some driving schools offer classes that do not result in the issuance of a CS-1 certificate. Remember, without the CS-1 certificate you have not satisfied the CT DMV’s requirement for their CT 8 Hour Course.

Sep 28 2010

How an adult gets their license

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In the eyes of the Connecticut DMV everyone 18 years old or older is considered an adult. So all of the following information reflects what an adult, someone 18 years old or older must do to obtain a license.

There are two elements to learning how to drive, the practical on-road instruction and the classroom instruction. For the on-road instruction, as long as their driving privileges are not revoked by another state, a person 18 years old or older can practice driving without a learner’s permit. The only requirement is that the person must have a commercial driving school instructor, secondary school instructor or a person 20 years of age or older who has held a license, which has not been suspended, for four or more consecutive years prior to training in the vehicle teaching the student.

Every adult who is obtaining their driver’s license for the first time must take an 8 hour drug and alcohol/safe driving practices course. You must visit a commercial driving school, see our recommended schools page, to take this course which is usually taught in two 4 hour classes. After successfully completing this course you will be issued a CS-1 certificate and that is what the Connecticut DMV will require for proof of your driver training.

The state does not require you to take any on-road training, just classroom instruction. It is the belief of the state of Connecticut that the 8 Hour Drug & Alcohol Safe Driving Practices Course is all the training you need to be eligible to obtain your license. There are commercial driving schools that will offer you on-road instruction for a nominal hourly fee. But do not be fooled, you are not required by the state to take any professional on-road driving instruction.

Be aware that you can not begin your licensing process without the CS-1 so do not attempt to register for your driving test without it.

Sep 24 2010

Why You Need To Take The CT 8 Hour Course

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Several years ago the Connecticut DMV required all individuals looking to obtain a new driver’s license to take an 8 Hour Drug and Alcohol – Safe Driving Practices Course. It is the hope of the CT DMV to create better and safer drivers by arming new drivers with a formal and comprehensive knowledge base.

This course is required regardless of your age. This course must be taken at a state-approved driving school. Most driving schools will offer two versions of the class, one for 16 and 17 year olds and another for adults.

It is advisable for you to attend a driving school that offers the class separated by age because 16 and 17 year olds are required to attend the class with a parent. Adults do not need to have anyone attend the class with them.

The class is usually taught in 2 eight hour classes. It is illegal for a driving school to teach the class more than 4 hours in one day.

After completing a CT 8 Hour Course you will be issued a CS-1 certificate from the driving school. This certificate is the required proof you need to present to the CT DMV in order to begin the process of taking the driving test. The CS-1 certificate is a small, yellow piece of paper that will contain the student’s basic information including name, address and age. The certificate will also have at least one box checked to indicate the type of driver education you have received.

When you receive this certificate from the driving school you attended make sure that the information on your CS-1 certificate is accurate. If there is a mistake on your CS-1 you will be turned away from the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles and told to return with an accurately completed CS-1.

So it is required that you attend a driving school and complete the CT 8 Hour Course. Be sure to visit one of the driving schools we recommend on this web site to insure you are properly trained.