Oct 05 2010

Distracted drivers are dangerous

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Few people would argue with the above statement, distracted drivers are dangerous, yet distracted drivers represent the fastest growing problem we face on the roads today. The problem is growing and the attention it is receiving nationally and locally is also on the rise. In fact, on Sept 21st in Washington D.C. the second national summit on distracted drivers was held. At the summit attendees heard from family members who tragically lost loved ones as a result of distracted drivers. They also discussed methods to alleviate this growing national concern.

Surprisingly, another focus of the summit is to raise the awareness of the dangers of distracted drivers. At the summit U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said, “Every time someone takes their focus off the road — even if it’s just for a moment — they put their lives, and the lives of others, in danger.” Many local communities are encouraged to begin to assist in raising the awareness of the dangers of distracted drivers’ here’s an article about how Gates, NY is tackling this problem. But you must wonder if enough is being done.

Here in Connecticut we require every new driver to take an 8 Hour Drug and Alcohol Safe Driving Practices Course. This course certainly address the dangers of distracted drivers and I would hope that the Connecticut driving schools who offer this program stress these dangers to both their adult students as well as their teen students. But the question that begs to be asked is it enough? Today a parent who has a teen driver needs to only watch how frantically their child grabs their phone at the dinner table every time they receive a text to understand the dangers. I hope every parent of a teen driver stresses these dangers over and over again. Do not leave it up to the driving school, it needs to be stressed at every level.