Oct 20 2010

Driving Instruction – what do you really need?

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As you know, in the state of Connecticut we require both teens and adults to take an 8 Hour Drug and Alcohol Safe Driving Practices course. There is a great deal of important information taught in this class. As far as teens are concerned the Teen 8 Hour Drug and Alcohol Safe Driving Practices class not only teaches the teenagers important information, but a parent is required to attend 2 of the 8 hours and in those 2 hours the parent is taught valuable information to assist them in their driver instruction for their child.

The concept of asking a parent to attend a formal instructional session is something that is catching on around the country. Few could argue that a parent is not the primary role model for their teenager and if they are taught important safety issues they will undoubtedly be able to stress and enforce them on their children.

An interesting twist on this subject is the idea of mandating on-road driving instruction for teens. Our neighbors in New Jersey have introduced a bill into legislation to increase the number of mandatory driving hours for teens. This is something we have in Connecticut and they are also exploring something similar to our parent/teen class. An interesting side-bar in the story is the fact that in New Jersey every teenager is required to take at least 6 hours of in-car driving instruction from a certified teacher. Connecticut does not require anything like this. Do you think professional instruction is something Connecticut should consider?

How much safer would our teen drivers be if every one of them had the opportunity to receive formal driving instruction from a professional? When a new driver, whether they are an adult or a teenager first begin driving on our roads on their own how much of an additional danger are they to themselves and everyone else on the road because they do not possess some of the knowledge and skills they would undoubtedly possess if they had professional driver training? It’s impossible to argue that the training would not make our roads safer, and it is clear by the many states that require it that the concept has merit. Do you thing Connecticut will ever follow suite?