Sep 28 2010

How an adult gets their license

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In the eyes of the Connecticut DMV everyone 18 years old or older is considered an adult. So all of the following information reflects what an adult, someone 18 years old or older must do to obtain a license.

There are two elements to learning how to drive, the practical on-road instruction and the classroom instruction. For the on-road instruction, as long as their driving privileges are not revoked by another state, a person 18 years old or older can practice driving without a learner’s permit. The only requirement is that the person must have a commercial driving school instructor, secondary school instructor or a person 20 years of age or older who has held a license, which has not been suspended, for four or more consecutive years prior to training in the vehicle teaching the student.

Every adult who is obtaining their driver’s license for the first time must take an 8 hour drug and alcohol/safe driving practices course. You must visit a commercial driving school, see our recommended schools page, to take this course which is usually taught in two 4 hour classes. After successfully completing this course you will be issued a CS-1 certificate and that is what the Connecticut DMV will require for proof of your driver training.

The state does not require you to take any on-road training, just classroom instruction. It is the belief of the state of Connecticut that the 8 Hour Drug & Alcohol Safe Driving Practices Course is all the training you need to be eligible to obtain your license. There are commercial driving schools that will offer you on-road instruction for a nominal hourly fee. But do not be fooled, you are not required by the state to take any professional on-road driving instruction.

Be aware that you can not begin your licensing process without the CS-1 so do not attempt to register for your driving test without it.