Sep 24 2010

Why You Need To Take The CT 8 Hour Course

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Several years ago the Connecticut DMV required all individuals looking to obtain a new driver’s license to take an 8 Hour Drug and Alcohol – Safe Driving Practices Course. It is the hope of the CT DMV to create better and safer drivers by arming new drivers with a formal and comprehensive knowledge base.

This course is required regardless of your age. This course must be taken at a state-approved driving school. Most driving schools will offer two versions of the class, one for 16 and 17 year olds and another for adults.

It is advisable for you to attend a driving school that offers the class separated by age because 16 and 17 year olds are required to attend the class with a parent. Adults do not need to have anyone attend the class with them.

The class is usually taught in 2 eight hour classes. It is illegal for a driving school to teach the class more than 4 hours in one day.

After completing a CT 8 Hour Course you will be issued a CS-1 certificate from the driving school. This certificate is the required proof you need to present to the CT DMV in order to begin the process of taking the driving test. The CS-1 certificate is a small, yellow piece of paper that will contain the student’s basic information including name, address and age. The certificate will also have at least one box checked to indicate the type of driver education you have received.

When you receive this certificate from the driving school you attended make sure that the information on your CS-1 certificate is accurate. If there is a mistake on your CS-1 you will be turned away from the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles and told to return with an accurately completed CS-1.

So it is required that you attend a driving school and complete the CT 8 Hour Course. Be sure to visit one of the driving schools we recommend on this web site to insure you are properly trained.